Monday, August 22, 2011

Bordeaux-mon amour

Bordeaux was my home for six incredible months - six months full of red wine, beautiful scenery, inumerable walks through the city, wonderful new people, awesome roommates, really good French food, nice cafés and bars, impromptu picnics all over the city, afternoons in the park, concerts in the streets, lovely weekend trips, adventurous wild camping on the beach, french style parties...and so much more!

Bordeaux, I love you!

Photo credit: last picture by Niusia Winczewski.

Ouddorp- the isle of rest

A few days all secluded on the Dutch coast....a few good books, fresh sea food and honey waffles, some sunshine and the wind of the sea...always a good treat!

I cant count the vacations I spent in the Netherlands, it is like a second home to me, I open the door to the holiday house, and there I am, all there and relaxed. I love the Dutch wind, the unforseeable weather conditions, the "stroop waffels", the "kreften vlees",  the Dutch language and all the friendly Dutch people...perfect for a week of rest!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Coups de Coeur

Bye bye Bordeaux, bye bye France, bye bye the months of indulgence and luxury!
Some impressions from my favourite places, I will miss u, Bordeaux,
 and all that was connected to you!

 Mes coups de coeur, Bordeaux, la plus belle des villes, aucun doute que je revienne!