Saturday, July 25, 2015

Road Trip Israel: Jerusalem

The old and historic city of Jerusalem sets a stark contrast to the buzzing city of Tel Aviv. Within the walls of the old town, one can feel the thousand year old stories breathe from every stone. Although most of the buildings have been destroyed and rebuild during the various attacks Jerusalem had to withstand, it is the spiritual home to all three world religions.

While wandering through the different quarters of the old town, one passes by pilgrims of all religions. For example, every friday there are processions on the Via dolorosa, reuniting thousands of pilgrims, monks and nuns and tourists walking commemorating their faith.

Even as an atheist one feels inspired by the energy of the holy city.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Israel: The Dead Sea

In preparation for the wedding, we all ventured out to the Dead Sea for a good soak in the salty water and a scrub down with Dead Sea mud. Soft glowing skin for the celebrations! ;)
We also had an epic picnic on the beach, where Janina prepared typical Israeli Shakshuka for us!

Roadtrip Israel: Tel Aviv

With a friend's wedding in Israel, we all took the chance to come over, celebrate the most beautiful couple and explore Israel for a short week.
First stop, Tel Aviv, a young, vibrant and fun place that never sleeps...

Chefchaouen: another city in blue

In the Rif mountains in the north of Morocco lies the small town of Chefchaouen, according to the travel guides the most beautiful city in Morocco.
With its houses all lime washed in a oceanic blue, its narrow alleys and little shops and markets around any corner, it sets the perfect background to wander and explore.