Thursday, February 28, 2013

Driving into nowhere....

On the way to Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon after the Grand Canyon, although this matter is debatable, depending on what criteria you take to define the size. Anyway, it was impressive!
These days in Namibia were just special, the majesty of the desert was omnipresent, the mountains, the rocks, the canyon, the arid climate, yet full of life. We were driving for hours without crossing a sign of human civilization....just us and the desert.
In the end, I was glad I didnt do this on my the overland truck I could just sit back and enjoy the scenery, without worrying about potholes or flattened tires!

So here´s some scenery....

More open space, a bright blue sky with no clouds, views on endless plains with a distant line of rocky mountains on the horizon....driving on roads that run straight into nowhere....feeling very small and insignificant in this big wide world....

Monday, February 25, 2013

A little advertisement campaign for....

my beloved Savanna Dry Cider!
It is definitely my favorite cider down here and my go-to drink after a hot and long day of traveling!
This particular Savanna was enjoyed at one of the most scenic places on my trip. A beautiful sunset over the rocks of Spitzkoppe with my wonderful travel buddy Natasha and a cold Savanna - perfection!
So it was time to honor that little fellow with the perfect advertisement shot. Thanks, little cider, for having made the African sunsets even more special!

Side note: If I fail in medicine, the Savanna company should hire me for their advertisement campaigns, for sure :-)
Side note 2: I am obviously NOT paid to say any of this.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Further along the road: Spitzkoppe

Further up north in Namibia, the beautiful rock formations of Spitzkoppe - this area was roamed by hunting bush men who followed the tracks of the animals. Paintings on the rocks, some of them a few thousand years old, were used as a communication system between the different bush men tribes. Some animals, more than others, track down water holes, so painting a rhino symbolized a water hole in the proximity since rhino mamas leave there babies in the bush and run down to a water hole to find fresh water. Lions, on the other hand, indicated an abundance of antelopes so the bush men knew they entered good hunting ground. 
The Spitzkoppe area is pretty arid so one can still admire those paintings today. The paint was made of animal blood, clay and different herbs and plants and has survived the centuries on the stone. 

When climbing on a rock, one had stunning views out on the plains. The vaste and open space of Namibia never stopped to amaze me on this feels so little in this world....

Eventually, we found a beautiful spot to watch the sunset from...with a cold Savanna Cider after a hot day...simply perfection....
...more pictures to come....

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More of Namibia: Dead Vlei

Dead Vlei, the dead valley, was once a green oasis, irrigated by a little stream, the Tsauchab river. Upon rainfal, little pools formed in the pan, allowing for the camel thorn trees to grow. However, wind and time built up a new dune, blocking the valley of any fresh water supply. The trees have become black skeletons, standing in stark contrast to the white clay ground, the red dunes and the blue sky.
Dead Vlei felt like a surreal place with those relics of another time...maybe it was the burning heat that added to this impression...the air was flimmering, even at 9 a.m..
Nonetheless, it is a simply beautiful and serene place....

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back to South Africa....Cape Town!

Eventually, after more than five years, I got back to Cape Town...and it was so good to be back!
Beautiful views on Table Mountain, great people at Ashanti to braai with, a hike up to Lion´s Head, a Sunday open-air concert in the botanical gardens of Stellenbosch with a great pique-nique, fancy bars, cafés and shops on Long Street, a stroll through Bo-Kap and a beautiful relaxed day on the beach in Camps Bay!

Cape Town has it all!

After all the hassle of the last months it was the perfect place to spoil myself a little :-)
I have missed you, Cape Town, and it was good to see you again!