Sunday, August 17, 2014

Across the river, a different pace reigns - Brooklyn Bridge and Williamsburg

 Crossing East River one leaves hectic and noisy Manhattan behind and experiences a more relaxed life. More residential, in parts a bit worn-down, Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg have a different charm to offer. More cafés and restaurants, less take-out places and starbucks, people walking more slowly, less cars and cabs, more dogs and strollers, less tourists, more authentic.

Further down Brooklyn Bridge Pier Park, an enormous food market opens up each Sunday morning, offering great take-away food from all corners of the world with a millionaire's view on the Manhattan skyline. Music is playing, sun is shining, feet dangling in the East River and the best French fries on the planet - can a Sunday get any better?
On another occasion, a stroll through Williamsburg, the home of New York's hipsters, with a great flea market with talented jewelry designers and artists, brunch with bloody marys, little shops and book stores.
Or  a sunny afternoon with an oyster happy hour and a glass of rosé, followed by moules frites, just like that, a table on the sidewalk, very few cars, few people, no rush...

Enjoying the sunset down at the river, splendid views on the Manhattan skyline but a peaceful atmosphere, only locals around...

 As much as I love the buzz of Manhattan, I equally enjoyed to retreat to Brooklyn for a relaxed afternoon, a great meal, a slower pace of life - I never thought it would make such a difference!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer in the City - Hello New York!

What to say about New York City? I guess we can all agree that it is a vibrant city with a palpable energy wherever you are always in a crowd, regardless whether you take the subway at 3 pm or 3 am. The city that never sleeps - this holds true in every way.
There is an immense offer of activities - free concerts in the park, dance performances in old churches, jazz sessions in small cave bars, gallery openings on thursday nights, impromptu piano performances in the streets, delicious food markets with the best french fries on the planet (trust me on this one, I tested quite a few), walks on the High Line, oyster happy hours, rooftop cocktails, but also the more classic tourist attractions like some of the world's best exhibitions and museums, typical New York eateries like Magnolia Bakery and Shake Shack, shopping on 5th Avenue and watching the sun set from the top of the Rockefeller building, which is, albeit its touristy touch, one of the highlights of the trip!
I could rant on about the innumerable fun things New York has to offer but I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves....

Enjoying Heidelberg AFTER the exams!

So after all those hectic last days of exam preparation, outfit shopping et cetera were finally over, exams were passed and the post-exam hangover was cured, there was finally some time again to just take a stroll around town, have a coffee and a Spritz and enjoy the newly-acquired freedom! I love you, Heidelberg!