Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Florence - weekend escape

Finally in Florence - capital of art and architecture. Admittedly, architecture-wise, a stroll through town ressembles an open-air museum.
From the Piazza Michelangelo one gets a nice view on the hills of Tuscany and a beautiful view on the city, especially at sunset. Under the burning summer heat, this is also a nice escape from the city with some fresh air. Florence radiates some majestic ambiance with all the monuments and sculptures by the most famous of all Italian artists. The monuments were also radiating an immense summer heat these days which made an occasional Aperol Sprizz very necessary :-)
However, apart from the touristic buzz, Florence has a lot more to offer - random little antique markets, lots of bookstalls (if only i knew italian), little cafés where everyone gets his or her espresso in the morning and farmers markets with the best cheese.
I´ve learned never to order a cappuccino after 11 a.m., apparently coffee with milk is considered a breakfast and may only be consumed before lunch time, therefore, to avoid displaying the the touristy ignorance, rather order an espresso during the day :-)

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