Sunday, August 11, 2013

Road Trip III: The Cathedral of Wells and Salisbury

With our little rental car we made our way down to Wells, on little curvy country roads lined by well-cut English hedges. My dad struggled with the gear and the left-hand driving so a lot of shouting was involved on that two-hour ride down to Wells. The cathedral was beautiful - majestic and serene, the landmark of the place. 
Once the sun came out, we stopped at a little pub and tried all their different ciders. Yay, we felt so English while sipping the cider and looking at those green slopes with sheep grazing quietly. 
The next day, we went over to Salisbury to visit an even more impressive cathedral where the Magna Charta is displayed. 
I was amazed by that water bassin that acts as a mirror to study the ceiling, the water was so still you wouldn´t even tell the difference between the original and the reflection in a picture!

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