Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Coup de Coeur: Cap Ferret

After two years I eventually found time again to make the trip down to Bordeaux and meet up with my wonderful friends to enjoy a few sunny and relaxed days. Upon arrival, it took us half the night to update each other on important happenings of the last two years, however, a few hours into our conversation, it felt like I had never left Bordeaux....
I do feel really blessed to have found such wonderful friends while studying in Bordeaux.

So, one of my and Agathe's favorite traditions is a little escape to the beautiful Cap Ferret for a day and treating ourselves to a bottle of wine and some seafood on the beach. I do admit that this is quite a luxurious treat, however, oysters and other seafood are a lot more accessible along the coast in Southern France and are not quite as expensive and exclusive as in Germany. As always, it was divine. We were lucky enough to have chosen a day with clear blue skies and a strong sun so we ended up sitting in a little restaurant on the beach for a good few hours with our vin blanc and some oysters and prawns. The views on the bay of Arcachon were breathtaking, with the little boats dancing in the sea with the tide rising and the dunes of Pyla set a beautiful backdrop.

Since we went out there on a weekday we almost had the place to ourselves so we enjoyed the serenity for a nice walk around the bay and even a glimpse of the ocean. We even tipped our toes in the sea for a last bit of summer feeling.

Simply perfection, and a wonderful start to my Bordeaux weekend trip.

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