Monday, March 28, 2016

Escaping the grey and rainy German winter for the Canary Islands

So there is something really special about hopping on an airplane in your winter jacket knowing that sunshine and warmer weather are awaiting you. Especially since the way to that very plane involves getting up at 3:30 a.m. to catch a train to the airport at 4:30 a.m. (and starting an argument with the lady who checked the tickets on the train). Luckily, I packed up the leftovers of this wonderful vanilla cake ( which calmed the nerves and eased the transition into holiday mode. 
Upon arrival at Teneriffa airport, blazing sun was greeting us and a copious lunch at a local fish restaurant made us forget all the travel stress and set the right tune for the upcoming week. 

On the northern side of the island, around Garachico where our first hotel was located, the vegetation was a lot greener than in the southern more desert-like parts. However, with the trade winds hitting the northern shore, it was not that warm yet with clouds coming up most afternoons making the evenings rather chilly. This might be the very reason why most tourist attractions and hotel parks are located on the southern shore where some artificial sandy beaches invite the usual 60+ Canary Island tourist to tan to a healthy red color and sip on a glass of Sangria on the touristy beach promenade in-between. Fortunately, when you stay away from Los Cristianos and Las Americas, Teneriffa has a lot more to offer, from a moon-like volcanic landscape at Parque Nacional El Teide to cloud forest in the Anaga mountains, to hiking trails through stunning gorges or amazing restaurants on lost beaches.

We stayed on a rural finca in the middle of a banana plantation with views on the ragged volcanic coast line. A lot of flowers were in bloom in the gardens, sun was shining and we could even spent a few hours at the pool. 

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