Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weekend Escape: The Islands around Stockholm

After just a short two hours on the boat, we found ourselves on the beautiful island Sandham in the archipelago around Stockholm. Although a few people left the boat in Sandham's port with us, most of the Stockholmers retreated to their red-colored weekend cabins and when we set off on a walk around the island we didn't meet anybody on the trek and had the forest and beaches to ourselves. On the forest ground, blueberries were growing, the sun was shining and the water was crystal blue along the shore. 

In the warming light the colors were so strong, it felt like walking through a postcard. The summer cabins of the Stockholmers were painted in strong colors, some red or blue or turquoise colored and the lilacs were blooming and giving the air a summery and flowery scent. 

It felt very Swedish and "Michel Lönneberga"-like, just like out of one of our beloved children books.

We had a typical "fika" with a cinnamon roll while waiting for the boat to take us back to Stockholm. With about 30 € for the return trip to Sandham, this place is definitely worth the effort of coming out there on a weekend trip to Stockholm. 

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