Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Divine

The Divine - so pure, so natural, so ubiquitous. Wandering through the alleys of a temple, surrounded by thousands of Hindus, you get soaked up in the flow of spirituality, looking in awe at the fantasyland-like decor of the place, the majestic archictecture and the bright colors. Beautiful paintings of mythology scenes, women in brightly colored saris, sandelwood powder and spice powder for blessings and offerings, the temple elephant, pilgrims in their black mundus and wooden chains around their necks, families, old people, young people, children, Hindus, Christians and Muslims, everyone coming together in those dark stone alleys, occasionally enlighted by some candles.
The incense fills your head, you feel weary, bemused by all the different scents, all the colors, all that spirituality and you feel like you just peeked into a totally different world that is still a stranger to you.
India - the divine....

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