Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gliding through the Okavango Delta....

...on a traditional mokoro - pure bliss!

The Okavango river in Botswana spreads into an unique inland delta with an extensive maze of little channels. Only accessible by water, the delta is home to a diverse wildlife. We passed a lot of hippos on our way which was a little scary since they can easily bite the wooden mokoro in half when they get irritated. From a safe distance though, I loved to watch them play in the water. 

The little channels were covered with lilly pads that opened their flowers at sunrise which added even more charm to our morning cruise through this enchanting water world. The clouds reflected in the clear water and we spent hours on end gliding through this serene wonderland.
The water was warm and clear, inviting us for a bath since there are no camping facilities in the delta, the dogma is high cost-low impact tourism, so we planted the tents under some trees and put up a traditional bush camp with a fire place - no showers, no toilets, no electricity - just nature!
This also meant that you had to make sure no predators were around the tent when you had to get out at night - as soon as you saw eyes reflecting when shining out with your headlight - stay in the tent!

Getting on the mokoro was stepping into a different world - everything slowed down while the mokoro gently made its way through the myriad of channels, no rush, no time constraints, just peace and serenity!

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