Sunday, March 10, 2013

On Safari: Etosha NP Namibia

Driving through the endless plains of Etosha National Park....Etosha, the salt pan, becomes really arid in the dry winter months and the remaining waterholes attracts a lot of animals, the perfect spot for game viewing. In rainy season though, when I was passing through Etosha, the bush is lush green, offering good hiding and breeding ground to all the different species. We were lucky though and spotted elephants, giraffes and rhino in the bush, most of them even with there little ones...nothing cuter than a baby elephant! That is definitely one advantage of traveling in rainy season, you get to see a lot of baby animals! On our game drives, we even spotted baby warthogs in the distance! And let´s face it, rainy season meant the bush was a little greener, there wasn´t a drop of rain in the whole two weeks I spent in Namibia! Here in Etosha, the sky was beautiful though, with clouds passing through that built up enormous castles at the rain though for us!

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