Sunday, March 17, 2013

On Safari II: Chobe NP Botswana

Chobe National Park in Botswana stretches out along Chobe River which offers the possibility to watch the roaming wildlife from a boat cruising down the river.
Hence, I found myself on a nice boat, well equipped with beers and snacks, watching a herd of elephants coming down to the river bed to drink. There were a few calves that were only a few months old and they were stumbling around the legs of their mothers, occasionally falling over in the shallow water. 
It was gorgeous to watch and the elephants seemed completely undisturbed by our presence. 

As time passed, the boat cruise rather turned into a booze cruise that culminated in a beautiful sunset over Chobe river. Perfection!
The next morning, I went on an actual game drive through Chobe NP, witnessing the animals come to life with impala bonking on the plains, hippos playing in the water and baboons screaming in the bushes. Vegetation was different to Etosha NP, even richer and thicker, which made spotting the animals even harder...but it was beautiful none the less!

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